Jewelry designer


Ján Jánoš is a creator of original jewelry with a contemporary approach. It is based on the knowledge of traditional gold-smithing techniques, which are being enriched with new technologies and experimental work procedures. The uniqueness of his work lies in a comprehensive visual and conceptual strategy, which he has been developing for years under the Atelier Hora brand. The main focus of the studio is the ring, which the author subjects to thorough research. He confronts the rawness of metal with refined morphology, structure and fragile symbolism. It analyzes the metal material and supports its natural properties or appearance of silver itself. Each hand modeled ring is a unique personalized piece of jewelry on the edge of contemporary design and fine art.

Atelier Hora also emphasizes the presentation of the jewelry itself. In his diverse installations, he often mixes several disciplines such as sound, video, poetry or performance. The author creates a specific atmosphere with the aim of evoking emotions in the viewer accompanied by an unusual experience. In fact, it brings a new perspective on the creation of contemporary jewelry in the context of interdisciplinary overlaps. The name HORA refers to our emotions, desires and dreams. Looking for the similarity between life in the wilderness and our everyday life in the city. He looks for inspiration in prehistory, which he confronts with the contemporary world or current subcultures. It develops the idea of ​​an urban-primitive man in an urban jungle. All the ideas and processes used work together to achieve desired experience. At the end of it all, there is this piece of jewelry that supports the character and the very emotions of its wearer.